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Chesapeake, VA

A few days ago I was given a sample of this sauce to try out with my favorite foods. I tried it with chips and on sandwiches but I use it mostly as a salad dressing (I thin it with a little lemon juice). It is low in fat and adds a tangy taste to an ordinary salad. Theo's Ragasse Sauce is definitely a five star product.

--Kempbell Family
Virginia Beeach, VA

My husband and I tried Theo's Ragasse sauce last week and we were pleased. I really don't care too much about mustard anyhow, but this sauce is totally different than the sauce I tasted before. This sauce is awesome because it has a unique taste and fresh delicious smell which made me fall in love the minute my husband and I tasted.  We tried it on turkey sandwich, oysters, baked potatoes, chips and pizza and it was definitely an "A". I hope people try Theo’s ragasse sauce because it is a hit in our house and I hope it will be in yours too.


This sauce is the best sauce that I have ever tasted. Even though I don't like mustard, but Ragasse sauce made me rethink about it. I gave my uncle's sauce to my friend Tom.  He and his parents tried it on oysters, chips, french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, turkey sandwich bologna sandwich, then week later, he asked me how he can get more. I told him to go to my uncle's website and order there.  I use my uncle's sauce almost everyday at home.

Norfolk, VA

Theo's sauce is awesome. We use it on everything at my job with the boys. Last week, he sold me 2 bottles. My co-workers and I went to it like a light. I am telling you Ragasse sauce is good and tasty. It is totally different than the other sauces out there. Hard working man like myself who is always on fast food. This is the sauce you want on your break. We tried it on turkey sandwich, chips, subway sandwich, freedom fries and it was a hit.  Please try it, I am sure you will see what I am talking about.

Virginia Beach, VA

I've been using this Theo's Ragasse sauce for a while now. I especially like it on meats, with cheese and crackers and on salads. My lovely husband eats it on soft pretzels and tuna fish. This sauce brings a wonderful new flavor to many different foods that we eat because of its unique taste.

--Oscar Dobe
Abdijan, Ivory Coast

Je suis Oscar Dobe Ivoirien a Abidjan, J'ai essaye ce produit et je vous assure qu'il es parfait. On peut L'utiliser dans plusieurs plats comme ( le poulet, les frits, le sandwich, etc...) vraiment je vous recommandes ce produit. Essayer le et vous verrez. Try it!

Ivory Coast

Congratulations Theo,
Happy to know you've promted African culinary culture. In the past, my next door neighbors were Senegalese and I had opportunities sometimes to share excellent dinners. I always said they are the best tastes in West Africa. Try ragasse sauce!

--Brian Smith
York Town, VA

Hey Mr. Ragasse,
My kids love that sound.

--Tony & Jen
Newport News, VA

Dude, we love your sauce. We tried it on salmon, grilled shrimp, steak and chicken. We can not wait to go back to Yorktown again Saturday to get some more.

Warwick Farmer's Market

Renee posted on our facebook Wall and wrote:
"Thank you for adding me to your friends list here on Facebook!  Let me know if I can help you in assisting you at the farmer's markets!  I'm currently seeking full-time employment in a federal position, but I can help you in the meantime!  I LOVE your sauce!  I used it in with a little beef broth, sautéed mushrooms & sweet onions to top meat loaves that I made tonight for dinner!"

--Brad & Lisa
Newport News, VA

Hi Theo,
It was a pleasure meeting you at Yorktown Farmers Market last week. We love your sauce very much, you definitely were right about the sauce. It goes almost with everything, We tried it on boneless chicken
last night,  and it was off the hook.  You gained a customer for a long

--Ron & Tammy
Virginia Beach, VA

Hi Theo,
Just wanted to let ya know your sauce is awesome.  We marinade on pork, beef, chicken and they were all excellent. My mother in law loves your sauce so much, she went  to Robert Seafood Store to buy a jar.  I wish you had a bigger jar than the 12 oz. only, we used it on everything at home.

USS Enterprise

Hi Theo,
We met last time when you were at the USS Enterprise.  I love your sauce and I wish we will be able to order it soon. This Morning I tried it on my eggs and it was very good.  This sauce brings good flavor to different dishes and it is very unique.

--Dave & Karen
Richmond, VA

Hey Theo,
I met you and my wife two weeks ago in Richmond Virginia . We tried your sauce on boneless Chicken and it was delicious. I will definitely try  it again.

--Jeff & April
Alexandria, VA

We love your sauce. My girlfriend and I use it on everything.  Last night, she made potato salad, boneless chicken for dinner and it was delicious.  At the beginning I didn't think we were going to like it, but I don't have any regret at all. We love your sauce and please add us on your loyal customer's list. We will be in Yorktown looking for your sauce again.

--Mark & Suzanne
Richmond, VA

I just wanted to let ya know your sauce is the bomb. I used it on everything I eat at home. My wife is a vegetarian, but that did not stop her from using it on her baked potatoes and salad  since it is 100%  vegan.  I am glad I bought it.

Richmond, VA

Hi Theo,
Please tell me what do you want me to do to help! You have a great sauce which deserves to be in all major grocery stores. I have never tasted an awesome sauce like ragasse sauce. I am sure you are right about Aunt Magne's secret recipe. Whatever is in this sauce I like it. I have a friend in the food business and I will tell her about your sauce. Keep your head high!

--Annete Anderson

Mr Theo Niang, I recently purchased your ragasse sauce on 10/09/10 at the NEX. I wanted to let you know it is very good. I have been using it as a dip, on sandwiches, have yet to put with pasta but I'm sure it will go good with it. I was the nurse that bought the 9 oz. jar. Thank You.


Hi, my husband came home with two jars of your sauce last night, one was marked hot so I opened the other and it was a little hot also. Let me tell you, I am in love with this product; it is so yummy. I plan on turning my son on to the hot jar. I love hot foods also, and would like to purchase another for my other son. Where is your store in V.B. located? I live in V.B. also or do you have to purchase it online only? My husband works at Sam's Club ( gas station) he is the elder man that is there most of the time and someone gave him two jars and I want to buy more so I will continue researching your web sight and see if I can find out how. I worked at Sam's for 7 years and their home office is in Ark. if you need to contact them about your product, would love to see it on the shelves. Thank you and God Bless

--Chris & Mike

Hi Theo,
My wife and I love your sauce so much. This is the best sauce that we tasted so far. I really don't like mustard too much, but your sauce has so many flavors that you can't even taste the mustard. We bought two jars from you at Little Creek Navy Exchange 2 weeks ago and we finished it all.  We wanted to know if they carry it at the Navy Exchange. Thanks!

--John & Linda

Hi Theo,
My wife and I purchased a 12oz. jar of Theo's ragasse sauce at Little Creek Navy Exchange three weeks ago. We just wanted to let you know it is a great sauce. We have been using it almost on everything that we eat at home. Last night, we had tortellini for dinner and my wife used your recipe and it was delicious. Hopefully, we will be able to purchase it at the Exchange soon. Let us know what we can do to help.


Hi Theo,
Where can I purchase your sauce? I tasted it last time at Damn Neck galley. I am going home next week and I want to bring 3 jars to my family. I told my mother about your sauce and she wants to try it. Please let me know where can I purchase it. I live at VA Beach, but I am station at Damn Neck.

--Kathy & Jim

 Hey Theo,
I fell in love with your sauce. I've been a vegetarian for 8 years but I've never tasted a sauce like yours. It is very tasteful and healthy. We 've been using your sauce for weeks. My Husband wants another jar, but we don't know if we can find it at the Exchange. Where can we find it, and when will it be available at the Exchange? It is a great sauce that deserves to be out there. So far, I told few friends of mine. Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Theo,
We met at the Virginia Beach opera house last week. I bought your sauce  at five points farmers market and it was delicious. I wish I don't have to drive all the way to Norfolk when I run out.  Is it available at Farm Fresh, or any major stores around here? I don't see it on your website. Let me know!


This is Lorraine Eaton, the Food Writer at The Virginian-Pilot. I'd like to feature your sauce in the newspaper next Wednesday. Please call me as soon as possible . . . I need to know where I can buy a jar of the sauce, as well as get a list of any local retailers who carry it. I just called the Roberts seafood store on your card and they said they were closing in two weeks.


Hi Theo,
I love your sauce. My kids and I eat it with everything at home. Last time we tried it on pasta and it was delicious. My daughter Alicia likes to eat it with crackers and sandwich. She NEVER has enough of you sauce. I used to work on Whole Food, but I don't work there anymore.  I still have lots of contact with ex-coworkers. I will email one of my friends and let him know about your sauce. You have a very unique sauce which is going to be noticed sooner or later.  The Future belongs to those who sacrificed it for tomorrow. You are almost there! Keep it up Theo!

--Monique & Ken

 Hi Theo,
We bought your sauce at Yorktown last Saturday. I have never tasted a sauce like yours. We tried it on fish and it was very good. It brings wonderful flavor on different dishes.  We are hooked to your sauce. We will be looking forward to the next market December 11. Don't forget to bring the gift basket!


Hi Theo,
I just wanted to let you know I love your sauce. I bought it before at five points farmers market, but I have never used it on pasta. I was impressed when I tried it on the chicken tortellini and caprice salad at five points farmers market last night. It was very good. I don't think you have to worry about the sauce to take off, sooner or later it will be noticed.  Keep promoting it the way you do! Good luck and let me know what I can do to help!

--Ana & Bev

Hi Mr. Ragasse man,
We bought your sauce at Five Pointe Farmers market last month, but we don't live in Virginia. We live in Arlington, Virginia. When will it be available at Wholefoods Stores. You have a great product which deserves to be out there.


Hi Theo,
The sauce is awesome. I find myself marinating my steaks and chicken before placing them on the grill, and I use it like rub. I've also used it to add some zest to sautéed shrimp. Thanks for turning me on to the sauce, best of luck or should I say "skills"...
God Bless